March 2nd. COS Coming Soon!

We talked to Caitlin this weekend and she sounds great! She is making plans for her Close of Service and subsequent travel plans. Her COS date is March 26th. She will make her final trip from her sight in the Oromia Region to the capital, Addis Ababa, on March 21st, less than 3 weeks from now! The volunteers are being released in groups through the month of March and into April. Caitlin and some other volunteers that share COS on the 26th plan to do some traveling within the country: to Harar and also the Danakil Depression. They will return to Addis to meet some other volunteers who end their service on April 10th. After that the group of friends will be traveling to Egypt, Turkey and maybe Greece. This is definitely a well earned vacation!

A really great thing with Caitlin’s transition out of the PC is that she has been able to meet the girl, Lauren, who will be taking over her position. Lauren is currently visiting Caitlin for a week, giving Lauren the opportunity to orient to the village, the neighbors and the general ways of surviving her new experience.  Caitlin never got the privilege of this orientation as there were travel bands and other restrictions preventing her from visiting her site ahead of time. Caitlin is also in the middle of her project. She has finally received the grant money and she is supporting 15 families to build chicken coops. She will be offering group training before she leaves but it will be nice that she can pass the information on to Lauren and she can help to assure the project ends successfully.

I am so proud of these young people; particularly our girl who even in the midst of living in a 3rd world country, has the skills to create her own charcuterie board out of the contents of our last box. She is a food artist! I know she will be happy to have free access to good food.


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