December 9, 2019 – Box 22

Wow! Where does the time go? It has been a bit since my last post and much has happened at home and for Cait in Ethiopia.  Since my last post we have launched into our holiday seasons here in America with Halloween, and Thanksgiving and now we are in the thick of that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas – which is much shorter this year as Thanksgiving was so late.  We celebrated another holiday and felt Caitlin’s absence but I also feel a lightness as I know we are coming near to the end of her service. It is good to know this is the last Thanksgiving and the last Christmas we will celebrate without her. I don’t know the exact day she will be done in April, but from today to April 15th is only 4 months or exactly 128 days!

I am sending box 22 – which I think will be my final box!box 22.jpg

We are again sending salami and cheese. It is crazy it keeps so well not being refrigerated and Cait really enjoyed it the last time we sent it. She sent us this picture of a pizza she created from the ingredients. Quite a delicacy for 11.19

We also sent her some yarn as she has been making panchos. Here is a picture of a pancho she made.


She is so talented. She said the yarn in Ethiopia is poor quality so she needs to double it up. I think she will really enjoy working with the yarn I’m sending. I also included a few gifts in the box. One is a wrapped present from her ‘secret cousin’ – which she was included in this year haha. We are also sending her air pods. I am a little nervous about sending as mail delivery to Ethiopia has not proved to be most reliable but I am taking the risk with the hope of giving her a Christmas present.

In early November Caitlin traveled to Addis Ababa for meetings. She is on a committee that is working to include individuals with disabilities in the workforce. disabilities conference

The Ethiopian Center for Disability Development did a training for the Peace Corps Ethiopia staff and Abilities Committee. They discussed attitudes and ways to raise awareness about people with disabilities in Ethiopia. There are currently 17.6 million people with disabilities in Ethiopia.

While in Addis she was also able to have some fun with friends. trivia 11-19

These happy PC volunteers just won trivia!

Caitlin celebrated Thanksgiving with some other volunteers in Jimma. She said they killed and prepared a goat – but she would have preferred turkey 🙂

Well I think that is all for now! Until next time.


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