September 30, 2019, Box 21

We talked to Caitlin yesterday (Sunday).  It had been a long time since we had talked in person so it was great to hear her voice.  She continues to be well and was in Metu so she could submit her semester report. The rainy season is continuing but Cait seems to be an old pro at managing it. We are sending Box 21. This is one of our smallest boxes but packed with a bunch of fun flavors. We have filled it with many spices. We know Cait will put these to good use. The other day she made home made pirogi which is amazing. She is lucky she has a love of cooking so she can prepare tasty foods. She is limited in the ingredients she has available and the facilities as she is cooking on a single burner, for which she needs to import fuel from another city.

Here is the box in all its glory. We also included cheese, salami and beef jerky along with some miscellaneous condiments.  Box#21

Sin Jaalladha! (“Love you”)

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