It has been too long…..Box 19 & 20, September 18, 2019

It is hard to believe it has been so long since I last posted on the blog.  I am struggling with keeping up with my commitment to post on the blog and to send a care package each month.  I can only imagine how Caitlin feels as she continues her full-time commitment to her service in the Peace Corps. I can not even express how proud we are of her and what she is doing.

As of today we have made it to box 20!! Here are boxes 19 and 20.

We are sending mostly just food now as she does not want anything she will need to either leave or to pack for her return trip home. As of today it is only 7 more months before Cait completes her 27 months of service. And although we are at box 20 (of our 27 boxes), it takes 3 or sometimes 4 months or sometimes longer before she receives a box we have sent. One of her last boxes arrived in this condition:

box damaged

Isn’t that crazy!!?? Unfortunately many of the items in this box were damaged which is very frustrating. So at this point, we have 7 boxes that will need to be sent in 3 months……I am not sure we will make it to our goal of 27 boxes……but we will be close.

Well, its not all about the care packages. How about an update on whats going on with Caitlin!?

Back in August, the volunteers in her area had the opportunity to meet with John and Patti Garamendi. They served together in the Peace Corps is 1966 and Patti was the Associate Director of Peace Corps in Washington DC and I believe John was a Lt. General. So this was a pretty cool visit.


In August, Caitlin worked with some other volunteers to organize and run camp Glow (Girls Leading Our World). She had 39 students and they were about 50% boys and 50% girls (so much for the name haha).  Here are some other photos of the camp:

A few weeks before the camp started I talked to Caitlin and she and another volunteer were making RUMPs – or Reusable Menstrual Pads – there are so many things that we take for granted everyday…..

Well our girl continues to be healthy and happy and making a difference. We love and miss you Caitlin!

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