June 9 – 21st: Box #18 and VACATION

We were assured Caitlin would receive this box as we were able to hand deliver it! The delivery mostly included clothes for our trip and few other extras.


On June 9th we loaded up a small bus with 12 of us eager to see Caitlin and enjoy our Mediterranean vacation. Our whole family, two grandmas and two of her close friends….I cant even express our excitement and anticipation as we packed up and headed for our flight to Rome where we would meet up with Cait. With the travel arrangements, Caitlin arrived a day earlier than us and she met us at the airport with a hand written sign, “Harryson”; always the comedian.

We hustled our, now group of 13, to our villa that would be our home for 2 days until we boarded the boat for a cruise of the Mediterraneanvacation-villa.jpg

During our stay at the villa we visited the roman Colosseum, cooked good food and enjoyed a few fun and games…..

vacation-cait.jpgvacation-coloseum2.jpgvacation - games.jpg

From Rome, we traveled to the port and boarded the Norwegian Epic. Traveling was an adventure as we were bound by public transportation and had to cart our overloaded suitcases while also helping the two grandmas with their bags. Although challenging we made it to each destination and on time!

The cruise was amazing with much fun on the ship:

And stops at Florence where we visited Lucca and Pisa:

As well as Cannes where we visited Monaco, and in Spain: Palma (Majora) & Barcelona, and ending in Naples where some of us visited Pompeii and some of us went to Capri:

All in all, this was the best vacation we ever had. We got to see some amazing sights but the best part was, after 18 months, having everyone together!

vacation - family2.jpgvacation - familyall.png

Even with the great memories, laughs and adventures we shared the past 2 weeks, leaving Caitlin again was hard and reignited my feelings of missing her. But I know I have made it 18 months, I will make it the last 10 months. It was great to see her so healthy and happy and I am so proud of this brave girl who said good bye to all of us at the airport in Rome with her belongings carried on her back – All my love and Safe travels back to Ethiopia!vacation - caitleaving.jpg

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