May 20 – Boxes 15 and 16 & 17


I looked back at my recent posts and realized, I have no recent posts! My last post was in March. How crazy. I don’t even know what happened to April and now it is actually getting near the end of May. I was able to talk to Cait this past week which was great. She was in Addis for mid service training. It is cool when she has wifi because I can locate her on my ‘Find Friends’ app – which kinda makes me feel closer to her, but then I am also reminded how far away she is, 7,567 miles from home, to be exact.

find friends 5.19

I cant believe it, but we are less than a year before Cait finishes up her service.  We sent boxes 15 and 16 this past month and box 17 is ready to go out this week! That means, only 10 boxes to go! We will have to double time it to make sure we get all the boxes sent by December to assure she has a chance of receiving them before she leaves in April. We still have some time to go but feel like we are heading into the homestretch.

Cait is mostly interested in food items and avoiding anything she will have to pack to go home. But we are still throwing in something fun here and there.

box 15bead kit

Caitlin said she missed having a variety of flavors in her food, like Thai and Mexican so we included different flavor packages and a couple bottles of spice that might help her perk up her food in Box 15. I also included an extra egg coloring kit that we had as I thought it might be a fun activity she can introduce to the kids in her summer camp. I wonder what they will think about coloring eggs? I can guess they probably haven’t done that before. Box 16 is the beading kit which will hopefully be a nice activity that will keep her occupied and continue her creative flow. She recently finished crocheting a scarf this super cute scarf.

scarf 5.19.jpgbox 17.jpg

Box 17 is almost all food items and one surprise of a ‘magic cat ball’ haha. One of the items she wanted was nutritional yeast. We were having trouble finding it at Stracks so Michael ordered it off the internet and it is the biggest container – it will probably outlast her stay in Ethiopia.

And now for the exciting news…..

We will be able to deliver box 18 in person!! Only 21 days and we will be meeting Caitlin in Rome and then heading off for a Mediterranean cruise!! Our family is going plus grandparents and two of Caitlin’s very good friends. It will be soooooo fun! 

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