March 24th: Box 14 +

It has been some time since I posted. Things seem to be pretty quiet for Caitlin. She is waiting to receive grant money that will allow her to start her project of building chicken coops. She is also working on curriculum and plans for a children’s summer camp. Other than that it sounds like she has more free-time than I think she has ever had. I am sure that has it positives and negatives.

Unlike the pace of life in Africa, things have been very busy for us here – between work and family, there are few moments that are not accounted for. And I am sure I am not the only one feeling these demands- it is really a ‘First World’ problem, isn’t it? I am happy to say that one of my friends, Jennifer, has made time in her schedule to prepare and send a box for Caitlin. She runs an in-home daycare. The kids made Easter crafts for her and the families helped contribute the items for the box. It makes my heart swell with the generosity of others  and their wiliness to take the time and money to put together a box for Cait. Here is the fun Easter box plus goodies that is already on its way. Thank you Jennifer and families!!

jennifer box.JPEG

In addition to this fun extra box. We also sent Box 14.

box #14

As you can see there is a ton of food – pickles, olives, capers and giardiniera. All the good stuff that she doesn’t get in Ethiopia. Since there is no refrigerator it is hard for her to keep things once she opens them so I have tried to pick smaller containers. We also sent her some watercolor paper and a cross stitch kit. She has really enjoyed doing the last cross stitch kit we sent. Here’s a picture of her last creation – pretty good huh?cross stitch

Until next time.

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