Box 12 and 13 plus more!

As soon as we got home from Ethiopia we started on our next boxes. One of the first things Michael insisted on sending Caitlin was a Stainless Steep cookware to replace her aluminum cookware. That was box #12 and was sent within a week after we got home. Box #13 took some time to fill and was definitely the heaviest of all our boxes – topping off at 23lbs!box 13

This was the box that just kept going. We had a tea pot – again a stainless steel to replace her aluminum pot – plus many food items, cooking oil, dried mushrooms, liquid amino, powdered coconut milk, chips, powdered cheese, candy and so much more.

My good friend Sarah and her daughter Steyr also put together a ‘Wisconsin box’ and sent it off to Caitlin. They wanted to include cheese but had to remove the spray cheese since it is one of the prohibited items! Dang! she would have loved that.

Many boxes will soon be arriving in Ethiopia but it is time to start on box #14  – which means we are past the half way mark!

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