November 18

Thanksgiving is this week and the approaching holiday makes Caitlin’s absence more pronounced. As we are making plans to have everyone together it is hard to not have her here. We were doing some early Christmas shopping and one of the things I always buy is pajamas for each of the kids and it was weird to realize I wont be buying pajamas for Cait. If I let myself think about these things too much I will start crying – so I quickly move on to something else.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Caitlin joined a work group that is focused on including people with disabilities in their projects. The opportunity for additional training for people with disabilities to participate in work activities, is almost unheard of and I am excited she is part of this group. Plus it is something near and dear to my heart. Caitlin was in Addis last week meeting with her group and Michael and I got to face-time with her last Saturday morning. She seems to be doing great. She said she isn’t able to plant anymore as the rainy season has ended and access to water is too difficult. But she has some good sweet potato plants growing which is part of the initiative to increase the availability of vegetables high in Vitamin A.

I have box #9 ready to go but I am posting no pictures as it is a mystery box…..a little something that will hopefully reach her by Christmas.

43 days before our trip!

One thought on “November 18”

  1. I for one look forward to reading your blogs as they are posted. Caitlin seems to be doing sooooo well. Kudos to her! And to you for keeping the rest of us informed. Your upcoming trip will be fantastic!

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