October 30, 2018

Was it such a nice day today? I know the weather in Indiana has nothing to do with this blog but I just enjoyed this day so much. I had the opportunity to get out of the office for an appointment and I so appreciated the colors of the trees and this gorgeous Fall day. My car thermometer read 70 degrees today. It was absolutely perfect. My good mood might have been bolstered a bit from the opportunity to talk to Caitlin for a solid 20 minutes today without interruption of bad internet connection. It was an absolute surprise to hear from her on a Tuesday as I usually wait in anticipation on the weekends when it is more likely she will be traveling and have access to wifi. But I guess she had some shopping to do so she met a friend in Metu and spent the day there and she had access to a fairly decent internet connection. Did I say how excited I was to hear from her?! She said she was tired from shopping and carrying around all her groceries. She bought 3 kilos of onions for her landlords’ family – almost 7 pounds – as well as a kilo of potatoes for herself and whatever other groceries she needed so I am sure she was carrying quite a bit. When I asked her why her landlord wanted so many onions, she said they (as well as probably most families) cook mostly stews so the onions are a necessity. I told her it reminded me of the book, Holes, but that would only mean something to someone who actually read the book 🙂

It has literally been 2 or maybe even 3 months since I have physically talked to Caitlin so having 20 uninterrupted minutes today was glorious. We talked about things going on here and she talked about her work there. She is not able to plant any more gardens as the rainy season has ended and the available water is too far. She is going to continue the chicken coop project started by the previous volunteer and which includes helping families to build chicken coops and providing them with chickens.

I do have a couple pictures to share. This is the Times square puzzle we sent that she completed all 2500 pieces! That is impressive especially on her own. Sorry I couldn’t rotate.

times square completed puzzle

And this is Cait’s Instagram post from the weekend before last:

boxes 10-18.PNG

4 packages in one trip! That is rocking this 27 boxes thing. She had packages from her grandparents, her aunt Laurie and us. One of the packages was sent in May but still made it! Keep the boxes coming!

Only 63 days until Michael and I get to visit our girl!

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