October 15, 2018

Caitlin seemed to have a great time on her vacation. She visited the southern Oromia region. She was in Hawassa and Arba Minch. She saw crocodiles and hippos and monkeys on her trip. Here are some pictures she sent and others I stole from instagram:


I love this first picture of Caitlin and her friends. I am not exactly sure when this was taken but I think it was probably before they went on the boat to see hippos and crocodiles.

IMG_2865 (002).JPEGIMG_2979.JPEG

Can you see the hippos in the picture on the left and the crocodile on the right?

She also sent these other cool pictures:

Image-1 (002).png

This is the celebration of a holiday called Meskel. Its the orthodox finding of the true cross. It is said that in the fourth century, Queen Eleni had a dream that if she lit a fire that the smoke would blow the direction the true cross is buried. During the celebration, everyone brings a branch to add to the fire and they light candles while the fire burns. The next day they eat the traditional celebration meal of doro wot.

They also saw these cool monkeys. Caitlin said she couldn’t get one to sit on her head so she sent a picture of one of her friends with the monkey on his head haha.

Caitlin is back at home but I have not talked to her since her return. I know all is well but I miss her something fierce. However, I am not going to worry as I have learned my lesson – no news is good news.

Oh, getting ready to send box #8 – it is a foodie. She will love it! All sorts of stuff she requested: tuna, tortillas, taco seasoning, coconut milk powder, bar shampoo, chocolates and other stuff. We will also be picking up pepper corn and salt, Jerky, muffin mix and kettle chips.

Box 8.jpg

Oh and here is a picture of the Times Square puzzle we sent….almost done! Go Cait!

time square puzzle.JPEG

Love and miss our girl!

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