July 29th, 2018

We are officially 6 months into this adventure…..well Caitlin is experiencing the adventure and we are on the sidelines, well sort of, we are trying to keep up with her but the struggles for regular communication make that difficult. In the US, we are so used to immediate communication – the ability to drop a text, email, phone call, instagram post, snap chat, etc. People are actually obsessed with posting every part of their life to the point that we have information overload.  We talked to Cait briefly on the 14th when she had a layover in Jima.  After completing the first 12 weeks of service, the volunteers from her group all returned to the capital for a week long training. It was a 2 day trip for her and that included a flight from Jima. The group actually spent the week just outside the city, in Debre Zeyit.  I have purchased a map of Ehtiopia so I can get an idea of where she is and a feel for the area. It is neat to see the different cities/villages on the map.

Reader warning…..the remaining may be a bit graphic…….

When we talked to Cait, she shared that she had a sore on her back that she thought was a pimple or something but it was super painful. When she met up with her friend, she asked her to look at it. Her friend thought she was helping to pop a pimple, but she eventually had to get out the tweezers and…… well, ended up pulling out a larvae – like a maggot! Yes you read that correctly. Caitlin’s friend took these pictures. This is the sore she had on her back:

mango fly 1

and this is after she removed the maggot…

mango fly 2.JPEG

I guess it is fortunate she didn’t actually send pictures of the larvae. Well, she sent the images to the medical officer of the PC and they told her it is from the Mango fly. The fly is very small and is a parasite that lays its eggs on a mammal host. Caitlin thinks she may have gotten it from the water she uses for washing her clothes as she was collecting it under a fruit tree.

Oh…..there are so many perils and I can not even possibly start to know all the things I should be worrying about haha…..but most importantly, she is healing well and she is strong and healthy. I know God continues to have her in His hands and will hold her through this adventure. Until next time….

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