July 13th, Box #5

I think I am falling behind on sending my care packages. I sent the 4th box in May so I think I missed June all together. Well box #5 is ready to go. It is mish mash of stuff with some edible items that are always a big hit as well as a special prize of a macabi skirt. She brought one with her and it is probably an American thing to think she needs another but maybe she will appreciate it also. The box also includes some activities she can enjoy in her free-time like a puzzle and a needle point kit. The puzzle is of Times Square which we got to visit in December before Caitlin headed off to the Peace Corps. Here’s a picture of myself, Caitlin, Elizabeth and Brian as we rode the ferry.

new york.jpg

We received a letter from Caitlin last week and she sounds good. She said it is starting to rain pretty hard and it is making it difficult to get work done. This is the rainy season. She did share that she had to squeeze chigger eggs out of a lump on her foot!! She said it was the grossest thing she has ever had to do. I am so proud of her and can not even imagine half of what she has to endure on a daily basis.

A little late but box #5 is on its way……

box #5.jpg

Caitlin signed her last letter: “Isin Jaaladhain” Love you all! Much love from the US to Ethiopia.

2 thoughts on “July 13th, Box #5”

  1. I so enjoy reading and hearing your thoughts & words. Caitlin is living and learning as she goes..thanks for being willing to share this journey..Glennas 

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