June 20, 2018

We packed up for summer vacay Thursday the 14th and it was a bitter sweet time. Our vacations have included the WHOLE family, grandmothers to grandchildren resulting in 11 traveling companions haha. It can be a little crazy but still alot of fun. Last summer we went to Tennessee and had a great visit. I had my first ‘break down’ as we were driving home and the realization that we wouldn’t have another family vacation with everyone for some time. It is a little embarrassing now, but I was literally crying as we were driving home. And, well….now we are living that reality – no teary breakdowns but still some heart hurting. Sean and Melissa and Elias took their own vacation to Disney.

IMG_1200 (002).JPEG

And Michael and I headed to San Francisco with the 3 kids. We had mom and Maeve along for part of the trip but we split ways as they went to visit my uncle in Oregon and we traveled down to Montery.

IMG_2996 (002).jpgIMG_5484 (002).jpg

Cait is remembered frequently and missed greatly as we are traveling. I walked past a girl wearing a jean jacket with a fur color and long hair and I had to take a double take even though I knew it couldn’t be her haha. We talk about her when we are making a certain meal and we miss her culinary skills or we simply see something that reminds us of her.

Cait was in Metu this past weekend and she got grandma’s package! We also got to spend a little face-time which was awesome.

IMG_5426 (003).PNGIMG_2481 (002).JPEG

She still has box #4 from us and we will need to send #5 as soon as we get home.  Happy travels!


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