June 9, 2018

A number of big ‘holidays’ have come and gone since my last post. Caitlin’s birthday, Mother’s day and my birthday. And we are soon approaching, Michael’s birthday and Father’s day. These days definitely highlight Caitlin’s absence from our family and I miss her a little deeper but I also know that as we pass through time we are also coming closer to her return home. Caitlin and her friends seemed to have a great time in Jimma and it was extra special that she could celebrate her birthday with friends. Here are some pictures she shared.

It seems she can still find a party even in Ethiopia! haha. It is good to see them all together and I know Caitlin is making some special friendships. Only very unique and special people could make the commitment this group of young people have made.

And here she is just as cute as ever 🙂

Shortly after returning home after the Memorial Day weekend, Caitlin and a few other volunteers were informed they had to return to Addis to receive a vaccination. I guess the peace corps was short on vaccinations when they originally arrived so a few of them missed their Hepatitis A vaccine. The trip sounded pretty rough, traveling hours by bus in very crowded conditions and repeated across days before arriving in Addis. Fortunately, she was able to fly back which helped to shorten the trip some but the flight was delayed so when they arrived in Jimma, it was too late to get a bus back so she had to stay the night and wait for the remaining 6 or 7 hour trip home. She should have returned home on Monday June 3rd. The good thing about going on the trip was she face-timed me on my birthday 🙂 That was the best present.

My mom put together a special box for Caitlin for her birthday.

It is her own personal letter and journal writing kit – complete with a manual typewriter, paper, whiteout and ribbon!

Love and missing my girl!

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