May 17, 2018

Its Thursday evening and wrapping up from a busy day and a busy week. We had some excitement last night as I overdosed our cat with flea prevention. I accidentally used the dogs flea medicine on the cat and created a whole chain of crazy events for the evening. Fortunately all is well, most importantly the cat – Caitlin, if you are reading this it was Alice, is fine, and she has already resumed her hunting of birds and small rodents.

Mother’s Day was a little bitter sweet this year – the day provided extra emphasis to the loss of Caitlin being so far away. But Shannon and Brigid worked hard all night Saturday and into Sunday to provide an extra special Mother’s Day for me  (any my mom)- which was so incredibly sweet. Shannon even included some bead animals Caitlin had made in my  Mother’s Day gifts – such a special touch and allowed a little bit of Caitlin to be with us. Now I have the bead animals on my nightstand and they provide a simple reminder. May is a hard month as we just had Mothers Day and then it will be Caitlin’s birthday – the big 25 on the 28th – and then my birthday on the 31st.  I hope Cait will get our last box in time for her birthday.

We received some letters and postcards from Caitlin yesterday which was fun. Mom also got a letter. She continues to be happy and safe – all that we can hope for. Continued prayers. Until next time.

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