May 9th, 2018 – Box #4

I am behind in sending our next care package and it is only Box #4! I Hope I don’t start slacking on my commitment to the full 27 boxes. This box is a total mish mash of random stuff.

Box #4 (2).jpg

It is supposed to be her birthday box but we don’t even have a good present in it for her. I have something I want to get her but I still need to order it and will have to send in the next box. This package includes a lot of food items including some Brownie mix and candles so she can celebrate her birthday. I googled some recipes for cooking on the stove top since all she has is a kerosene burner and i printed some instructions but I am not sure how successful it will be. Regardless, she may enjoy just eating the batter :).

Caitlin and some friends took a trip last weekend so if you follow her on instagram you have probably seen these pictures:

It looked like a great time. Here are some other pictures she shared from instagram. Animals roam around pretty freely and will roam right into her house!

She said animals are viewed much differently and more like “tools”. She said she was holding a cat and petting it and she was looked at odd and asked, ‘What? Do you need to take it to catch a rat?’ and she was like, ‘No, i just want to pet it.’ She said she also sees monkeys around but they are seen as pests and should be shooed away. But not all monkeys, she said there is a long hair monkey that she has seen a couple times and that is also a mascot on a popular beer which is more ‘respected’- haha – But she didn’t remember its name when we talked last. There are also hyenas that she hears early mornings and which often wake her up – yikes.

Well, off to package up the contents of Box #4!

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