April 29, 2018

April has been so busy and the month has absolutely flown and I am just now finding a little time to post an update. Last Thursday, the 19th,  I was in St. Louis for a conference and I received a call on my cell phone that just said “Ethiopia”. I tried answering it but only heard Caitlin say “hi” and some garbled noise before we were cut off. She called back but we were cut off again. I also tried calling the number back but we could not get a successful connection. Of course I had some worry, thinking, ‘what if something was wrong and she was trying to get in touch with me…..’ I made sure to keep my phone with me and she did call again on Saturday. The connection was still poor but we were able to talk briefly. She has moved into her new house. Here it is…..

new house.jpg

She said her landlord is really nice. The volunteer that served in the village before her directed her to the landlord. Caitlin has no water and no electricity – and when she first moved in she had no kerosene for her stove so she couldn’t cook and her landlord had her over for meals. She had to travel to a neighboring village for supplies and she wasn’t able to go until last Saturday (the 21st). She said she was planning to catch the bus and she was at her landlord’s house and she was getting ready to leave but they wouldn’t let her leave until she had drank some coffee. I guess it is proper etiquette that  guests need to have coffee before they leave haha. Caitlin said it was an hour later before she was able to leave and she had missed the bus. I guess there is a place in the village where people wait to get a ride and she stood there and was picked up by a pick up truck. I kept asking her , “what did you say?”. I am trying to picture her climbing in the back of a pick-up truck with a bunch of other people heading to town to shop. The village is about 10 km away so not too far. The volunteer that served in the village before Caitlin said she would walk it and it was about an hour trip. Her trip to pick up supplies took her 3 hours but she was able to get the kerosene and some groceries. I am glad She is all settled in her new home.

My niece Elizabeth is sending Caitlin her 2nd box! What a great cousin. This is a birthday box as Cait’s birthday is May 28th. So Cait is actually getting 27 boxes – plus!

elizabeth box

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