April 9, 2018

Caitlin celebrated Easter yesterday in Ethiopia. We were able to text a bit on Saturday and she said she spent the day watching her friend kill a goat for Easter dinner and the rooster that would be part of the doro wot was tied to a berry can in their kitchen haha. Her host mom evidently killed the rooster later on Saturday and brought it in the house in a bucket and plucked it in the dark as they had no power.

Caitlin sent a text early Sunday morning (her time) saying, “I guess the tradition is to wake up at 3 to eat doro wot”. She said that is what everyone does and after they ate they drank farso and harake and then her host dad went to a community ox slaughter. She said farso is a type of homemade beer and harake is another type of alcohol drink. She said she was able to go back to sleep for a little bit after that celebration. She said Easter, itself, included traveling from house to house, eating a lot. I try hard to imagine what it must be like for her and everything that she is experiencing.  I don’t think I can even come close to imagining what she is experiencing as I rely on my ever reliable wifi, running water and electricity.

Another great thing today is we got our first letter!

first letter

Caitlin wrote an individual letter to each of us: Michael, Erin, myself & Brian. We each read our letter out loud, sharing her stories with each other. She described technical details about what she has learned about bee keeping, and plans for moving into her site in a few weeks and managing how she will live with no electricity, as well as relaying a few funny stories. Well, maybe a little embarrassing stories that are only now funny after some time has passed for her- I think i need to spare the details….haha

Her swearing in will be Friday or Saturday and I can not wait to actually get to talk to her!

Thank you to everyone who is keeping Cait in your thoughts and prayers!

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