April 1, 2018

Happy Easter! We sent Caitlin’s 3rd box. It went out last week, March 25th. There is the Polaroid film we were waiting for plus some kid stuff she can share – growing animals in capsules, pez & slap hands. They will totally think Americans are crazy – seriously, when you think about it, candy out of characters’ necks!? haha – it is funny to think about how other cultures might perceive things that are normal for us.

We also sent her hammock, which she wanted, and some tuna pouches and powdered coconut milk that she asked for. Oh and a scarf she left here. She might like opening it up and getting a reminder of home…..

Box #3.jpg

Well box #3 means only 24 to go…..yeah can’t quite get excited about that as that is still a lot. Today was the first official holiday since Caitlin left and I missed her a lot. She is always in the kitchen helping with cooking and it was sad not to have her here. My sadness was compounded as Shannon wasn’t home either as she didn’t have time off and wasn’t able to drive up from IU. I was reflecting earlier today with my Aunt and mom about how life is always changing and it is, isn’t it?….sometimes too quickly. We still had a great day and loved being with everyone that was here — and watching Elias get his Easter treats :).

Caitlin is getting ready to wrap up her Pre-service Training (PST); only 2 more weeks. They celebrate Easter next Sunday in Ethiopia (not sure why their calendar is different than ours) and I believe the week following their Easter, will be her graduation from PST.  She has been with her host family for the last 3 months and she is ready to move on to her own space. Caitlin can hardly tolerate spending a week at home with us. I can only imagine how she feels under the demands of a whole new culture and in close living quarters for 3 months. She was sharing that one of the customs is to wash the hands of guests. Can you imagine having someone else wash your hands? Well, she said it has taken her a long time to actually be able to wash her own hands haha as her host family continued to wash her hands. She is still not able to cook for herself or to make her own coffee. She thinks that since she didn’t know how to wash her clothes by hand that they assumed she is not able to do other duties women generally perform so they keep doing them for her. She also does not like injera, the fermented bread they serve at nearly every meal, so she is frequently asked, ‘why aren’t you eating?’

Well, if you ask my opinion, the best thing about Caitlin graduating from PST is she will be at Addis for a few days and she should have access to wifi! I cant wait for some face-time.

Wajjin hahsa’un kenya na gammachiseera –  It was nice talking to you

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