March 12, 2018

Cait received notice of her site. It is a village in Oromia, about 500 Kilometers from Addis Ababa (approximately 300 miles) which is a 2 day trip for her. She is 200 Km from Jima which is where the PC (Peace Corps) regional office is in Oromia. Caitlin would need to travel to Jima and spend the night and then finish her trip to the capital.

Her site has approximately 2000 people. There is no electricity. There is currently another PCV in the same village and Cait said she has met her as she has helped with some of the garden training for Caitlin and her group. The volunteer also gave Caitlin a packet of information about her landlord and his wife and daughter, important contacts in the towns farming training center. She also provided Caitlin with information about how she deals with not having electricity – can i say now that i can not even imagine not having electricity for two years. Caitlin will also be 10 Km from an education volunteer from G17 (one year before her) and she said she is also fairly close to 3 or 4 volunteers from her group. She sounds excited about her site so i am happy about that.

The volunteers usually visit their sites during the initial training period but due to the travel restrictions she will not go to her site until after she ‘graduates’ from training which will be in the beginning of April

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