March 6, 2018

It has been great to discover that we can text – not i-message but text- even if Cait is not on wifi. This is an amazing discovery as it allows regular communication when I thought regular communication was not possible. It is still a luxury and i find i use it sparingly.

I texted with Caitlin this past weekend and the training continues to go well. She seems to really enjoy the language training. I look forward to hearing her speak the language. This past weekend her cohort was supposed to visit their permanent sites but a travel advisory has resulted in the PC postponing  the site visits. Caitlin and her friends were also planning to travel to a lake this past weekend for some R&R but that was also restricted by the PC due to the travel advisories and, instead, the group went to the PC office in the neighboring city where they planned to grill out. I had hoped she would have access to wifi but i didnt receive a call. Caitlin also said they were planning to tie dye on Saturday. I am excited to see pictures of how that worked out.

I am putting together the third box……I will post soon.

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