She Received the First Box!

Caitlin and her group of PCV were moved to a neighboring city. It happened to be the hub city where they also receive their postage and she was delivered our first box! Yeah!  I was concerned it was lost. She said the box is intact and holds all the original items. I look forward to hearing what she does with the t- shirts and tie dye kit.

I was hoping to receive a call from Caitlin since her move but she said the wifi is not working. Fortunately, she was able to take a hot shower, which I am sure was amazing! She said she also brought a good portion of her dirty laundry with her and she washed it during her shower haha! She is definitely making the best of this little refuge.

I am excited she has received the first box! I had sent a letter on January 22nd  which she also received. She said the letter was postmarked January 30th which is pretty good. I think the delay is due more to the Peace Corps and them needing to distribute the letters/packages they receive.  Caitlin said should have her own PO Box once she is placed in her permanent site – maybe 5 weeks or so – and that should reduce the delivery delay.

These communications, and knowing she is healthy and happy, have been a blessing! My prayers continue to be sent to Ethiopia.

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