Update February 11, 2018

I heard from Caitlin it was 7:30 p.m our time, 4:30 a.m. her time. She said she was up because the dog was barking for, literally, 25 minutes straight. Dogs are treated much different there. She said someone dropped a litter of puppies off at the market last week and that her host dad thought it was weird because Caitlin was carrying around one of the puppies and playing with it. She said the dogs all look kinda the same and are all kinda mean. I can only imagine what people in Ethiopia would think if then knew how people in the US treat pets like members of their family, even sharing photos of their pets like they are their children.

Before going to bed, she said she found one dead mouse and caught another one in a pitcher she uses for ‘bathing’ and then she threw it out of the house. Hopefully she threw it far enough away that it doesn’t just run back in the house. I think mouse traps will be good for my next box. I can not even imagine clearing my room of mice before going to bed. She is learning a lot about living in the culture.

Caitlin said her host family is surprised she is not cold when they are walking around at night and they are all shivering.  She has tried to explain to them that it is cold and snows where she comes from. I told her we have a ton of snow and I will send her some pictures.  Well, once she gets on wifi. And some bad but good news is she said there is a strike planned near where she is staying. She said it is expected to be peaceful but the PC wants to prevent the volunteers from any association with political or social actions so they will be moving the volunteers to a neighboring city. That is exciting because it means WiFi and running water for her. I am sure Cait would much appreciate the luxury of a shower. I have not yet heard from her on wifi but maybe tomorrow.

Cait also shared that her garden training practicum is in her compound. She said they are practicing the techniques they have learned in training. So far they have only dug the beds and have to water the soil and add compost every few days to get it ready for transplanting the seedlings of beets, cabbage, spinach , and something else she couldn’t remember. She said they also learned about vegetable propagation and she planted potato, garlic and ginger in little bottles on her own so hopefully they will sprout also.

Hopefully she can send me some pictures to post when she gets on wifi.

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