I got a text!

I posted yesterday that I was afraid I would miss Caitlin if she called or texted so I made sure to keep my phone in my bedroom last night – but it was on silent! And when I woke up Cait had texted and I missed it. But it was great to hear from her and she was provided a nice update.

She is doing well and said she loves the Oromic culture and that everyone there is really friendly. She said there are 12 other PC volunteers in her same town and many of their host families are friends so they spend the weekends going from house to house drinking coffee and a weird drink made of boiled barley that looks like lake water, haha. She is attending class 6 days a week which  she said is pretty tiring. She was going to wash her clothes today – the first time since she got there. She was reflecting on the luxuries we take for granted in the US. She said today someone in the compound asked her, “Is there potato in your country?” She Said when they walk around town people are like “where did you find it its so cool” referring to her or other white people haha. She said the kids will follow them around and she can tell they are surprised if she speaks to them in Afan Oromo.

A “relative” of the family lives with them and she is basically the servant/maid. She thinks it is her host mom’s young cousin and that she is probably 8 or 9 years old but that no one really seems to know how old they are. She said that it is apparently quite common to have a maid or servant and that people from more rural areas will send their children to live in bigger towns so they can get a better education in exchange for doing the house work.

So great to have the update! And she signed off with siin jaaladha “I love you” in Oromo


One thought on “I got a text!”

  1. It’s so nice to hear Caitlin is well and the people around her are friendly. I must agree that we, in America, take our luxuries for granted. It’s a good reminder to be grateful for the lives we lead. Glad you got an update, keep us posted for more!!!


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