Box #2

Caitlin has been at her host family for a full week now. We have not been able to communicate with her and I am anxious to hear how things are going. In our society where communication is constant and instant, the inability to reach out to her is taking some time to accept. Last night, I left my phone charging in the kitchen and this morning I startled myself out of bed with the fear Caitlin might have gotten access to wifi and I had missed her face-time call or text. I guess the good news is I didn’t miss her call, bad news is she hadn’t called.

Well regardless of being able to communicate directly – the boxes will keep on going. Before Caitlin left for her host family she requested we send her rain coat – one of the items that did not make the cut in the crazy packing before she left. She also wanted additional items she could use as gifts for her host family. Here are the content of box #2 – well mostly. We had a few additions after I took the picture; those were Takis – one of Cait’s favorite, and a pound of maple candy – for either gifting or eating….IMG_4793 (002).jpgI don’t know if she has even received our first box so fingers crossed the items make it safely through customs. I know Caitlin was concerned with losing her rain coat but we don’t have much choice but to mail it.

Our niece, Elizabeth also sent Caitlin a care package this weekend and a letter! It is great to keep a steady supply of care packages. Her address is temporary now and is just being sent to the Peace corps in Ethiopia c/o Caitlin Harrison.

Hugs and prayers to our brave girl!




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