Arrived safe and sound…

Cait landed in Ethiopia at 7:30 a.m their time on Sunday morning – 10:30 p.m. our time Saturday night – crazy right?

57 PCV met from around the nation and flew out together to Ethiopia. Some are serving in Health Care and some are in Agriculture (Cait is in the latter).

I received this email from the PC today:


This is to let you know that your loved one has arrived safely in Ethiopia! They were met at the airport by a welcoming committee of Peace Corps/Ethiopia staff members, and have gathered their luggage to head to their training site. They will spend the next twelve weeks in Pre-Service Training (PST), where they will receive training on language, cross-cultural adaptation, technical skills, and maintaining their health and safety during their two years of service.

Please keep in mind that communication with your loved one will likely be sporadic and minimal during PST, as they are in training sessions every day and mostly in training villages without internet. Please also note that, while we are happy to share this news of their safe arrival, because the trainees are adults with legal autonomy, Peace Corps cannot discuss specifics about a trainee or Volunteer with anyone other than that individual.

Attached are two photos from the weekend – the first is from the Staging event in Washington, DC, and the second is upon arrival at the airport in Addis Ababa.  You will find Caitlin in the front in both photos – advantages of being short 🙂


For more photos of arrival and throughout your Volunteer’s service, please see the Peace Corps Ethiopia Facebook page.

G18 Staging Picture.JPG

Ethiopia G18 Arrival Pic

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