Why 27 boxes?

So I made my whole first post without even talking about one of the main points of this blog; the 27 boxes. It is now 18 days  before Caitlin leaves for the Peace Corps – and I am doing much better as far as the crying and sadness I shared in my first post. I know i will miss Caitlin but I am also very excited for her as she begins this adventure.

Today we packed up Box #1! At the beginning of each month I will be sending a care package. Caitlin will be in Ethiopia for 27 months- thus 27 boxes! I will send the box tomorrow and she should get it 2 or 3 weeks after she gets to Ethiopia. I believe the travel time is 4 to 6 weeks.

For this box I got input from one of my friends and we came up with the idea of sending a tie dye kit. We thought it might be a nice, American, activity for Caitlin to share with her host family or with the other PCVs.

Follow along, give ideas for the next box or provide a post to share a message for Caitlin.

26 boxes to go!

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